This module will help you to master various Microsoft Windows Operating System troubleshooting, windows migration, maintenance, backup and restore to working condition.
Learning Outcomes: 
Able to understand and identify the Microsoft Windows and perform Windows backup and maintenance, plus learning windows 8 new features.

Generic Skills Addressed: 
Understand, identify and successfully maintain and backup to keep Windows always in a good condition.

  • Lesson 1: Commands
  • Lesson 2: Recovering XP & Windows 7 
  • Lesson 3: Backup (Auto)
  • Lesson 4: Backup (Manual)
  • Lesson 5: Backup (Email, Driver & GHOST)
  • Lesson 6: Cloud, Recovery & Maintenance
  • Lesson 7: Windows Support & Group Policy
  • Lesson 8: Windows 8 new Features
  • Comparison Between Windows 10 Editions
  • Differences Between PCMover Express & Windows Easy Transfer
  • Upgrade Path from Previous Windows to Windows 10
  • What is Bitlocker and How to Perform Bitlocker on your Hard Disk Driver
  • What is the Differences Between Windows Easy Transfer and User State Migration Tool
  • Research and Study on MAC OS Versions
  • Differences between Windows Easy Transfer and PCmover Express
  • What is Windows to Go & How to Create Windows to Go
  • What is Diskpart & How to Create Partition by Using Diskpart
  • What is Virtual Box & How to Install Windows 7 Using Virtual Box
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