Object-Oriented Programming
This course will enable students to start designing and developing object-oriented applications using C#. Students will learn object-oriented concepts including classes, methods, properties, inheritance, and interfaces. Also they will learn how to identify opportunities to use these concepts in design, and how to implement these object-oriented concepts.
  1.  Introduction to OOP
  2.  Object, Class and Entity
  3.  Abstraction
  4.  Polymorphism
  5.  Inheritance
  6.  Encapsulation
  7.  Identifying Classes
  8.  Separating Responsibilities
  9.  Establishing Relationship
  10.  Leveraging Reuse
Creating an Object-Oriented Dynamic Link Library (DLL) which can be used with many user-interface, such as web-based, console and desktop applications
Latest Object-Oriented programming technology

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