This module help you to master Microsoft Windows 7 configuration and deployment in enterprise and home environment.
Learning Outcomes: 
Able to install and use advanced deployment in Windows 7 with administrative support skills including managing and configuring Windows 7.

Generic Skills Addressed: 
Installing, migrating, deploying, configuring, managing and backing up Windows 7.

  • Lesson 1: Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating to Windows 7
  • Lesson 2: Image-Based Deployment of Windows 7
  • Lesson 3: Configuring Disks and Device Drivers
  • Lesson 4: Configuring Network Connectivity
  • Lesson 5: Configuring File and Printers Access
  • Lesson 6: Configuring Mobile Computing
  • Lesson 7: Maintaining Windows 7
  • Lesson 8: Optimizing Windows 7
  • Lesson 9: Securing Windows 7 Desktops
  • Lesson 10: Configuring Wireless Network Connections
  • Research and Study on Windows 10 Edition
  • Differences Between Linux and Windows Operating System
  • Research and Study on MAC OS Versions
  • What is Bitlocker and How to Perform Bitlocker on your Hard Disk Drive
  • What is Dynamic Disk and how to Perform Disk Mirroring on Your Computer
  • What is the Differences Between Widows Easy Transfer and User State Migration Tool
  • How to Capture and Apply .wim using ImageX
  • Utilizing Deployment Image Servicing and Management
  • How to Create Windows PE Disc
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