IT course that help you to master network fundamental and apply in network planning, implementation, support and troubleshooting network for small office home office.
Learning Outcomes: 
Able to understand and identify the various network device and its function, network infrastructure, planning, designing and troubleshooting a network.

Generic Skills Addressed: 
Understand, identify and successfully setup, maintain, troubleshoot a network to its full functionality.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction, Networks cables.
  • Lesson 2: Network Tropology
  • Lesson 3: OSI Seven Layer
  • Lesson 4: IP Addressing
  • Lesson 5: Network Naming (DNS)
  • Lesson 6: Ports
  • Lesson 7: Remote Connectivity
  • Lesson 8: Wireless Technology
  • Lesson 9: Network Support
  • Research and Study on VLAN & IP Design Proposal for SBIT Training Academy 
  • Design IP Range to Mee SBIT Training Academy Department's Requirement
  • Differences Between Wireless Access Point and Wireless Repeater
  • Research and Study on PoE Switch
  • Differences Between LAN and Virtual LAN

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