CCTV Technology and Installation
CCTV Technology and Installation Prof. Diploma in IT Support (Hardware) Diploma in Information Technology  Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Petaling Jaya (PJ) Course, Training | SBIT Training Academy

CCTV Technology and Installation

CCTV technology and installation this module help you to master the basic CCTV installation skill by understand about CCTV system, camera types, installation equipment and testing equipment.
Generic Skills Addressed
Understand, identify, installing and testing basic CCTV system
Learning Outcome
Able to understand and identify various CCTV system, implementing installation and test the system with appropriate equipment
Lesson Outlines
  • Introduction to CCTV System
  • Introduction to Digital CCTV and IP technology
  • Elements of a basic CCTV system: Camera, monitor and digital recorder
  • Camera types: Fixed and movable, indoor and outdoor, monochrome and colour, day and night.
  • Camera specifications: Sensitivity, signal to noise ration and resolution
  • Cables and connectors: Types, uses, limitations, preparation and testing
  • Practical - Installing IP / wireless CCTV camera

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