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Temporary Online Learning (Affected by Covid19 and Movement Control Order)

During the outbreak of the epidemic, everyone is worried and afraid to go out, no social activities, no entertainment. Such a restricted life without productivity will lead to psychological problems such as autisticúČdepression, social phobia. Therefore, SBIT is trying hard to build a ZERO virus environment in SBIT for the students to learn and study in safe and comfortable. And it also allows students to feel safe to interact with lecturer and classmate during their studies. Apart from that, SBIT is concerned if the MCO will affect student’s learning. Therefore, during the week, we are not letting up, and had designed a set of e-Learning course for our students, which is aimed at not affected student graduation and maintain student learning attitude.

SBIT’s Online Learning course is operated by using the modern technology. While Zoom is an application tool that SBIT uses to interact with students. Besides, SBIT also apply Google Classroom to prepare lecture, homework and teaching videos. Thru Google Classroom, students can learn and submit their homework anywhere. This Online Learning course is well designed by SBIT, it provides a video that allows students can learn repeatedly, and the lecturer also can do explanations and guidance in one to one basis. During the class, our lecturer will assign students some exercise and ensure the student is gaining some knowledge. After the class, an assignment will be given to the student to reaffirm the student as well.
Current Temporary Online Learning Course:
  1. Professional Diploma in IT Support
  2. Professional Diploma in Software Engineering

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